TEA automation

Design and construction of electrical and electronic equipment for industrial automation.

TEA S.p.A. was founded in 1996 and operates in the Industrial Automation sector, which deals with a 360-degree automation product from the design, manufacture, assembly, servicing and marketing of mechanical, electrical and electronic apparatuses, as well as hardware and software equipment and their complementary parts.

Check Load – Onboard weighing system

Electrical Engineering




Quality and Realiability

The company’s principal policy is to work with reliable sub-suppliers and to make purchases of high quality raw materials and components.
We have a list of qualified suppliers, and materials are purchased only from suppliers that meet our qualitative requirements.

This qualification earned through our Quality Assurance is based on a predisposed special evaluation procedure.
Our customer satisfaction survey is equally important. It is designed to increasingly improve our products and/or services by monitoring every situation with maximum care.

Quality control procedures include all the stages of every single production phase until the realisation of the final product and up to its delivery.