Design and Engineering

  • Analysis of the requirements
    Thanks to its qualified and specialized personnel, the technical office of TEA designs, tests and offers the customer the most suitable solutions for its requirements in terms of price and reliability, and in full compliance with the law.
  • Electrical diagrams, list of terminal blocks, component layout and itemized materials.
    To be able to offer the best results in terms of quality, price and performance, the technical office employs state-of-the-art tools such as AUTOCAD, SOLID EDGE and E3 ZUCKEN.
  • Projects of onboard machines
    Analogously with the design of electrical panels, really detailed parts can be elaborated and executed with the aim of making prewired and/or complete onboard systems.
  • Special Projects (UL/Csa- Atex- Ghost/R)
    Thanks to the experience of our designers and in collaboration with regulatory consultants, we are able to produce equipment and installations conforming to different international directives and standards.
  • User and operator manuals
    Together with standard documentation, we develop the manuals for machines and our own software upon the client’s request.